Friday, August 9, 2013

All About Whisky

Dad's Table is an all inclusive table. After dinner, sometimes the adults pour their favorite adult beverage. My children are all older and understand that there is nothing wrong with this. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss one of my favorite drinks - whisky.

Jack and Coke has long been a favorite drink of mine. However, you can blame Neil Peart, the legendary drummer from Rush and my drumming idol, for my recent love of whisky. Neil's drink of choice is The Macallan. This very expensive Irish single malt scotch whisky sounds amazing, but it's definitely out of my price range. I've enjoyed Tomatin single malt whisky, but the $50 plus pricetag for The Macallan is too much for our budget. Still, I'm hoping (hint....hint) that someone will buy me a bottle someday for Christmas or my birthday.

Inspired by Neil, I began sampling different brands of whisky, bourbon and single malt scotch wisky about a year ago. In order to figure out my favorite drink, I'm slowly going through different brands each time that I need a new bottle. I'm currently enjoying the smooth flavors of Gentleman Jack, which is the first new whisky that Jack Daniels has developed in more than a century. It was definitely worth the wait.

Another favorite of mine is Maker's Mark. We recently visited the distillery in Loreta, KY, and were very impressed with their operation. Blending modern bottling technology with classic distilling, Maker's Mark produces an excellent bourbon, especially Maker's Mark 46. We were even more impressed with the Maker's Mark Ambassadors program. Free to join, Maker's Mark will send you free gifts (ice balls, coaster, etc...) on your birthday and Christmas. Your name will also be put onto a barrel while it is aging. When the barrel is used, you have the ability to come back to the distillery and buy a bottle from your barrel. Cool!

If you like whisky, what's your favorite brand and type? I love Maker's Mark 46 and the Tomatin single malt scotch that I've tried, but I'm looking forward to trying several others such as Woodford Reserve. Send me your favorite and I'll try it next.