Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eating Lobster

Last night I had a new experience when I ordered a whole lobster at Devon. I've never eaten a whole lobster before, so there was a bit of a learning curve as I tried to figure out where all of the meat was hidden.

Had I known that I was going to go out of my comfort zone and order a whole lobster, I would have watched a video like this one by Jasper White and learned how to properly eat the lobster. However, I did pretty good and got almost all of the meat. After watching this video, I'll have a much better idea of how to get the most out of the lobster.

As any lobster eater knows, the lobster does not give up it's meat easily. You have to work for it. However, there's definitely a tasty reward for that work. And, after watching helpful videos like the one above, ordering a whole lobster is no longer a scary proposition. Eating them is actually fun and easy.