Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recipes for Kids

Children of almost any age can learn how to cook. Even two year olds can help mix things or cut out cookies. Unlike generations past where information specifically created to help you teach your children how to cook was scarce, nowadays there are a plethora of web sites that will help you teach your kids how to cook.

One such web site is aptly named Cooking with Kids. This helpful site has many recipes that kids of all ages can learn how to make, including a section just for the Easy Bake Oven. How cool is that?

We here at Dad's Table truly believe that all children should learn how to cook. Web sites like Cooking with Kids make teaching your kids how to cook much easier than, say, using a Rachael Ray cookbook. While Rachael's cookbooks and shows taught me a tremendous amount when I first began cooking four years ago, most kids wouldn't be inspired by one of her cookbooks. The recipes are also much too complicated for children.

Using a web site (or any teaching tool) designed specifically for children is definitely the way to go. The recipes are simple to make and each one will teach at least one skill. Heck, if you're new to cooking these recipes will help you as well!

Hopefully you'll give Cooking with Kids a chance to help you teach your kids how to cook. They will be forever grateful that you did.