Monday, August 12, 2013

Sundae Night at Dad's Table

Dad's Table is all about simplicity, and nothing is simpler than a make your own ice cream sundae party.

Sundae night is an event that goes over really well for kid's sleepovers, family parties, or even just a fun family evening. You need very little planning and nothing fancy. All that's required is your favorite ice cream, your favorite toppings, an ice cream scoop, bowls, and a healthy imagination. Heck, you can even use disposable bowls and spoons if you want to make cleanup a breeze.

When my kids had large group sleepovers, sundae night was a regular event. The kids would often make hideous concoctions of toppings, but they always ate everything and we always had fun. Sometimes we would even take the kids shopping earlier in the day so that they could select their own toppings. That always led to some interesting creations and even some good discoveries.

An ice cream party also provides you with the opportunity to teach the kids some simple kitchen skills, such as how to cut a banana for a banana split, how to fill an ice cream cone, or how to make home made whipped cream. You can also teach young children how to scoop ice cream into their bowls or how to sprinkle chocolate jimmies or nuts on their ice cream without overloading their bowl.

In addition to the "normal" toppings such as chocolate syrup, caramel or butterscotch, you could allow the kids to create some of their own. For example, breaking up cookies, candy bars or other sugary treats to create their own toppings is always fun for the kids. Another idea is to bake cookies earlier in the day and then make ice cream sandwiches. You could also bake a cake, cupcakes or some other type of baked goods to incorporate with the sundaes. If you want healthier options, you could slice bananas, make strawberry or other fruit toppings, or let the kids crush their own nuts. Crushing things is always a hit with the boys.

As with everything, safety should come first. If you're doing a sundae party with your kids friends or other visitors, make sure that your visitors aren't lactose intolerant and don't have nut allergies if you have some type of nut toppings. You don't want your sundae party to turn into a trip to the hospital.