About Me

I’ve been called a lot of name.  The neighborhood kids used to call me Green-petunia – I’m still not sure why. My wife has had quite a few pet names for me over the years. I prefer to keep them private. And on more than one occasion I have been referred to by names that I can’t share here – this is a family website.

The best name I’ve ever been called is Dad. I became a father later than most. I think of my daughter as my 40th birthday present. She has always looked more like me, which has been a source of irritation for my wife. “After all,” she often complains, “ I carried her for 9 months.” I like to joke that I’m not sure my wife is really the mother.

But there is no doubt that she is her mother’s daughter. She is smart, hilarious, talented, strong-willed, and amazing – just like her mother. And I am the proud husband and father, the only male in the house, including the cat. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have always been the cook. My wife has many talents, but cooking has never been one of them. To be fair, she has improved. There are 3 dishes she makes that we love, but I am the household cook.

It’s Dad’s kitchen. And we eat at Dad’s table.

Ray Green